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Commonsense - or Just Plain Barmy?
CST lists a few of the more Barmy ideas and issues that are currently in vogue ....

New EU laws for sex discrimination

Referring to increasing insurance costs et al for women.

The logic of this goes something like this...

1) Since men and women should have equal rights (quite right) ...

2) Then everything they do and want to do should be treated the same... Barmy!

Commonsense - men and women are different - biologically it's in the DNA, and good job too CSTbelieves.

If the powers that be in Brussels cannot distinguish between equal rights and allowing men and women to be different - then kick them out, they are getting paid with our money to waste resources creating nonsensical laws that help no one.

We really don't have to put up with this nonsense, do we?

Lets follow this line of 'unreasoning', so as a man ...

a) I should be allowed to use the ladies toilet - as it is likely to smell nicer and be cleaner.

b) My doctor must enquire if I am likely to be pregnant when considering treatments.

c) I would like everyone to call me Miss or Mrs as I have a softer side to my nature.

d) When I play sport I want to join in with the girls rugby team (as number 8).

e) All clothing items should be marked up for men as well as women (ie no ladies shoe markings).

f) If I need to stay in a hospital, I want to stay in the ladies ward.

g) I want to live as long as woman.

h) All products must be marked up as suitable for bothe sexes - including pregnancy testing products and sanitary products.

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