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bbc it a dinosaur or a world leading organisation?

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The BBC's Achievements - 'what have they ever done for us?'


The British Broadcasting Company started life in 1922. It had a staff of four, and was financed by a Post Office licence fee of 10 shillings.

• The 1920s see’s the creation of the BBC as an institution and as a broadcaster. John Reith, the BBC's founding Director, moulds its ethos – to inform, educate and entertain – which still endures to this very day, setting the model for many other public service broadcasters.

• The world's first ever regular TV service under John Baird in 1936

• The BBC has, from its inception, lead the world’s radio and television in innovation, content and direction.

• It has created the leading genres for documentaries, world wide news, comedy, plays, drama, sport and now new media services.

• It sells programs to the world markets, 'BBC Worldwide' is the biggest exporter of finished programmes outside of US studios (£1+ billion).

• The BBC has and still does influence countries throughout the world - it has probably one one the finest 'Brands' in the entire world.

• The BBC's influence on the world stage is impossible to define precisely - but probably this influence is more profound than everything else that the UK has achieved since world war two.  Certainly part of Britain’s influence is due directly to the success, independence and creativity of the Beeb.

As we move further towards an online, digital and mobile society and away from the TV itself – this is arguably, precisely the moment in time to maintain a central body - such as the BBC - to ensure quality programming within the UK. 

Without a body such as the BBC driving and influencing the wide spectrum of news, entertainment, sport, comedy & education - all of the highest quality – we would be left with the junk end of the programming market due to limited finance determining the lowest common denominator - which is unfortunately what sells.

Commercial opportunities abound for the BBC – it is one of the strongest Brands in the world. 
Critics of the BBC suggest it should do less in the way of competing globally as it is a not for profit organisation.  What a load of rubbish!

Why on earth would we, the people of Britain and effective owners of such a fantastic Brand with amazing talents wish to prevent the BBC from developing it’s Brand and selling as much as possible both within the UK and abroad? 

So what that it competes with other commercial organisations? ...And due to it’s funding base does this makes it unfair competition? Unfair to whom - we own it!

We know that these other commercial organisations only exist due to the BBC in the first place.

Further more, if we reduce the influence of the BBC these businesses would revert to simple 'profit taking' – who would this really benefit? – Just a handful of already rich company directors!

Lets grow up – the choice between having the BBC as a hugely successful global Brand and leveraging this for the good of the UK and all of its citizens against upsetting a few purely commercially orientated organisations, is just so extraordinarily stupid, as to be not even worth considering.

This is a supreme example of a few well-connected individuals pursuing a commercial goal for themselves while the Commonsense solution for Britain is set aside.

What business model do we want the BBC to follow in the future?

Lets wake up here to what we really have - for nearly all of us, in so many ways, the BBC enriches our lives, keeps our political processes honest, is our finest worldwide Brand, ensures that we shall escape mediocrity in the future, helps educate our children and ourselves and much more ..... it is certainly the Jewel in the Crown!.....IG







































Sky's the limit































Ask the same question of say, Murdoch's empire, Sky et al....

...Well, they have prevented millions from watching their chosen sport, provide unhealthy leverage on the political system, confused the public about needing a 'Sky' box to watch Satellite channels, and some wonderful newspapers:

The Sun
News of the World
The Times Sunday Times

.....and he's Australian (only joking)...CST



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