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Energy Production

Both Nuclear and Solar are almost 'free' engergy sources for using current technologies. They are safe and once the initial investment has been made, they will continue to provide very cheap energy for generations. Following CST planning model, the 'cost' of the initial investments are nullified by the boost to our economy.

Using new designs of Thorium based power reactors. These are safe as they do not need pressurised containment. And Thorium produces just a tiny fraction of the reactive waste. Thorium is cheaper than Uranium, it doesn't need to be enriched before use, there is a lot more of it and is more efficient as a nuclear fuel. (the only reason we don't use it in most reactors is because we wanted to produce plutonium for bombs). also: ....

Getting more efficient all the time. Just waiting to be tapped in many dwellings, businesses and in larger solar farms right across britain. The 'extra' energy produced during the day can be converted into hydrogen in locally based facilities. Hydrogen can then be used as a transportable fuel, turned into other fuels (such as Ammonia for use in vehicles).











Road Transport - Fast, efficient use of existing Motorways using new technology and H2 fuel stations with advanced high speed electric trains linking to rentable H2 Citycars
Road congestion, incidents, slow moving traffic, wrong use of lanes - these can be solved by installing a control system in each lane of the motorway with modern vehicles having auto-sensing systems to control the speed, direction and safety of the vehicle. This would allow trains of cars, quite close together, effectively linked by an invisible guiding hand. Even if the motorway was full it would still move quickly . The system could be phase-in using some motorways where there are alternate routes. Only auto-sensing vehicles would be allow through an automatic slip road system (non conforming vehicles would be automatically re-routed to a safe area).
























Advanced Electrified Train Network - Linking to H2 Citycars
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