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The 'Faking It' Academy

Taking on the incumbent, slow, irrelevant learning & training schemes to create a new vibrant skills-based learning process for everyone

Improving the economy, people's job prospects & life skills while helping to move away from a low wage economy

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If CST wins the lottery jackpot the first thing we would do is create a completely new type of educational establishment.  Why?  Well consider the gap between what we learn and what our society needs.  Most business managers will tell you that people do not have relevant skills, or at least not at the required standard, and that is just the start of it.

Just as importantly many people do not have the basic skills for enabling ongoing improvement for their ‘body and mind’ wellbeing.  Most UK education is based on long term stints at subjects most of which are completely irrelevant for both life in general and especially higher level jobs.

Life skills and job skills require specific understanding and a level of ability at key tasks.  These do not require a great deal of rote learning and even when it is necessary to remember facts, there are a just a few essential facts while the rest are instantly available from our smart phones via the internet. 

If CST had the cash (anyone want to fund the idea?), we would create a different type of learning process.  This would be an intense learning environment (similar to CST’s super fast track), but aimed at creating very specific skill sets.  These would be two fold:-

The real difference would be the way these skills are ‘learnt’.  CST believes that skills require hands on, repetitive training, and that many skills can be learnt within a much shorter period than attempted by most current training.  There is good evidence for this.  Take the ‘faking it’ TV program, or the celebrities dance and ice-dance competitions.  These demonstrated many people gaining significant new skills using high performance training and coaching - all within just a few weeks.

Current educational establishments (schools, colleges, universities), are not designed to provide such high performance skills training and their business models are also designed to work over an extended course timescale.

CST would attack the current ideology by creating a vibrant resource, staffed by high level trainers adept within their own fields, who would relish the task of creating news skills sets in very short timescales.  These advanced trainers would not be on their own, the academies facilities would enable them to use the very best technology and allow them to apply meaningful and accurate scenarios for training their students.

The students would gain free training (and even perhaps a living grant for the course duration of say 10 weeks).  However, the students would be required to put in significant effort over this short period, and refrain from activities not conducive to intense high level learning.  Failure to do so would immediately close the opportunity for that student to prevent any disruption to other students.

The name for the Academy is designed to cause a stir.  As the basic idea is to demonstrate what can be achieved, the Academy would welcome all the media attention and state categorically that it is setting out to junk the current methods of learning.  If the Academy can establish, by results, the power and effectiveness of this new fast but effective training, then employers and potential employees would clamour for this new process to become the standard way forward for all job specific training.

The learning processes would include:-

If you would like to see such a training process to be developed, get in touch and help CST raise funds to make it happen. CST



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