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CST is created by an individual who likes to consider themselves as progressive, optimistic and practical with good life experience. Many people would probably disagree with this assessment, especially my family.

CST is compiled from a background that includes; business, management,  consultancy, IT, marketing executive, cost accountant, project management, sales executive, company director, website designer, risk assessor, mortgage advisor, currently self-employed. And of course as a parent to three children.

The perspective is from the wider context of our place within the universe. This may seem a very grand philosophy, but it stems from an awareness that as a sentient race we may be the only sentient creatures existing within our universe. And as such, maybe the only sentient beings able to understand the values of integrity, respect and fairness. One main interest is how we can become a truly equal society and to promote fair values for all human beings, this is a fundamental philosophy throughout CST.

As the sons and daughters of our universe, it is both humbling and persuasive that our sentient race may be the only defender of respect and fairness anywhere.
Perhaps there are other sentient creatures, if so, they too are likely to have undergone a similar thought process. Perhaps it is this mutual respect that is most likely to bind us to all other sentients if they do exist.

It seems likely, as we progress, that we shall eventually create sentient life by our own hand. If we ever achieve this, we shall owe it to these new sentient creatures or ‘sentient machines’ that respect and fairness applies equally to them.

It is in this general philosophical context that ideas are put forward, often forthrightly, but with humility. The sole aim is to foster interest, ideas and creativity to provide a direction for man’s continuing ascent. The gift of sentience provides us with the uniqueness of thought and expression, not just for today’s world but with aspiration for our continuing progress.

We enter an uncertain age due to massive change in our technical capabilities. We can make these work for us or against us, it is ultimately our decision.

This journey shall be enormously interesting for our children, and in turn, their children. This advancement, I hope, will ultimately provide equality and fairness for all, and I invite you to join with me in this endeavour


Per aspera ad astra! 
Through difficulties to the stars!






















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