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for nothing?

Money for nothing and your kicks for free.
But money means nothing to you and me
Because it’s a fiction, created by man
but we don’t control it... I am not a fan

Money’, the virtual game played in the big-city
..and they create their numbers oh-so-pretty
Oh why can’t they see they play just for nothing?
Their figures and games have caused so much suffering

Their digits increase, but what do they mean?
Its just a mirage, haven’t they seen?
Is the world any richer, do we have more than before?
Why don’t we all win the lottery – we could just make it the law

No, it cannot be true, and its for no good reason
To expect for all season
that they can create wealth by fiddling their derivatives
when there are no more goods for our all our relatives

The answer, is of course, quite simple...
Money is not real but its also not evil..
It’s the bankers who do not understand
as they play with our money quite out of hand

Of course, this money just represents all of our stuff
along with our pensions which we shall find quite tough
when we finally notice they have given it all away
and have saved nothing for many a grey day

So you fellow people be very aware,
your bankers et al are quite unfair,
taking your cash which seems very reasonable -
until you find they have lost it... which is really quite treasonable.





















Biking into the Sunset…


Riding along on my Motorbike
Oh yer, that feels just right.
Thinking about how I would like...
to come home to you tonight.

Rocking around these bends so fine,
Wowha… a swaggering cat on my line.
Breaking heavy, snaking a little,
hey that feline's just so fickle.

Head down, running the straight,
but hold up now, just wait…
Is that Grandpa moving away,
Jesus…am I going make another day?

That old man's just not seen,
he’s really trying to break my spleen.
Still going on hard to give me a fright,
right over, tyres squealing, just hanging on tight.

Smooching into some traffic now,
hey, an ol’ Cadillac moving up somehow.
Blip that throttle, gun the engine,
now that poor ol’ Cadillac’s got no attention!

Riding along the Queens highway,
looking out for somewhere to nice to stay.
Watch that B’stard on his phone,
or I may never again be home.
Yea, here he goes…
right across my nose.
Now he’s wearing a look of surprise,
Oh, so very near to my demise!

Now back along the wide open straight,
giving it some, may be getting late.
Hey what’s that coming up behind?
Ok, just Mr Plod, for my peace of mind.

Pulling me over for a chat…
Now, well I don’t mind that.
What’s he saying… going too fast?
Well...I was just having a blast.

Now he’s smiling, job well done,
caught the biker having fun.
Missed all those F’krs though …is he blind?
Now, that’s what I can’t get off my mind!





There is a tale I have to tell
of men and folly you know so well,
made by bankers and our men
who preside near Big Ben.

It is a tale of woe and thrice woe
and has come to be a massive blow
to all of us who do posses,
some sort of home address.

Our greatest minds became obsessed
and to very many now, seemingly possessed.
Quite why our politicians were unable
to see what was clearly not a fable.

To prevent this catastrophic mess
and save our children from distress,
those men from the FSA - all they had to do
was send in those who knew.

To see the bankers in their fair towers,
and ask, what they were doing with their powers?
were they playing with our money?
did they think they were being funny?

Maybe it was worse,
perhaps they were sharing the golden purse
to keep our politicians sweet and in contention
for their jobs and to fund their pension.

But while our politicians slept the bankers were being kept
with the finer things in life
what me, (and the trouble & strife), could never afford,
especially now - with all that fraud.

But these Bankers
proved to be just old wankers
and instead of sensible investing
they lost all our money, quite unprotesting

And so these bankers…well they just ran,
with all our wealth gone down the pan
Who? you ask will pay for their madness,
We of course!  and our children too… for all their sadness.

So now there is a hole so portentous, it really is quite horrendous,
this financial shortfall, will continue to appall,
and our children must pay & pay,
for many, many & many a day.

So how will our fair children fill in this enormous hole
that was made from what the bankers and politicians stole?

I think I know where I would start
for our children and their part,
perhaps we should do our very worst,
and hurl those bastards in head-first!


Bankers Black Hole...

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