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God II - The Epic Trilogy

Synopsis Part 1: (Read the first chapter)

Biomed scientist (David Ross) finds something strange in a DNA sample
Researches the idea of a DNA type virus that could affect the brain, (some sort of brain coding DNA that could have an effect on the brain in some way)
Gets some interesting results - looks like he has hit on a new understanding / process of how DNA links high level brain processing in humans and primates
Post research on the internet.
Starts to get concerned that he is being watched / followed, failed attempt on his life…
Goes to ground in very obscure area, makes contact with others who have similar concerns and interests re 'DNA brain bug'.
More research by himself and 'the team' - finds code held in DNA that looks like it comes from very long way back - at the start of the first modern humans
Tracks it back to the Out of Africa theory and the very small group of humans from which we evolved (very small DNA diversity et al)
More research shows that it is a unique DNA program ... and that it has an effect on all humans - causing a strong desire for religious/belief system!
Traces of tampering found within the DNA from the way the code is clearly unnatural in structure - by what must be a very high level alien life form.
Reasoning - simple - program causes religious beliefs/behaviour, leading to constant wars and strife amongst the race as it tries to progress - ultimately the aliens know that the race will self annihilate or regress so that the aliens are not threatened in the future by as a new sentient race!
The aliens killed off the rest leaving the out of Africa humans as the only survivors with the changed DNA (there is proof of a mutation providing immunity against a short term killer virus).
Ross decides the best way forward is to turn the tables on the Aliens, and attempts to trap them into communicating with him.

Part II
Aliens are ‘trapped’ by Ross into communicating with him leading to the Aliens giving Ross a chance to show that he can take the world in a new direction – the ‘devils pact’.   Implants given to Ross which imbue him with very fast thought processes and a library of ‘high tech’ processes he can use on his own body and more widely apply to his environment.

Part 111 
Takes the “devils pact" - with new powers and abilities able to influence the human race as a whole with finally the re-development of the human race towards a stable future and introduction to the Aliens and other sentient beings as a stable race entity).

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Philosophies &



Fascinating ‘Facts’

Prime numbers:

2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19, etc are 'primes'  – all other numbers can only be made of ONE multiplication of the primes


There is no other possible set of prime numbers that can be multiplied to make 330. It doesn't matter how big the numbers is.

See the prime numbers at:-

Benfords Law

In 1938, the physicist Frank Benford made an extraordinary discovery about numbers. He found that in many lists of numbers drawn from real data, the leading digit is far more likely to be a 1 than a 9. In fact, the distribution of first digits follows a logarithmic law & it applies to many natural processes – CST has yet to find a simple explanation that they can understand – anyone help here?

However Benford's Law is now being used to help determine what data is real data and what is just noise – used in seismic data capture and analysis for determining when the next quake may occur.

Largest Number in the Universe?

10 to the power of 122  This apparently is the largest possible number the universe could have produced – worked out theoretically if all the particles in the universe were used as a supercomputer all working at the speed of light for the life of the universe from the big bang – CST says but what about quantum effects and quantum computers?

Quantum Entanglement - quicker than the speed of light

Einstein didn't believe it – but apparently it has been shown to exist practically in a lab – where two entangled photons are separated by a large distance and when one is changed the other also changes - but quicker than the speed of light that could pass between them!

Space Travel

One way ticket please – by traveling on a rocket capable of just 1G acceleration, within 30 years we could reach the edge of the known universe (15 billion light years away).  This seemingly amazing possibility is apparently due to the effects of relativity (time for the traveller becomes slower as the speed increases).  So even though speed is limited to the speed of light we could get to the anywhere in the universe.  Don’t bother coming back though – the earth will be long gone as it would be 30 Billion years in the future!  CST is not at all sure about this – anyone care to provide a simple proof?

'Virtual 4' (a very short story)


The quest was on. Alex nodded to the Major who then said his farewells to the small team from 'Three'. Then they submersed and arrived in 'Four', Virtual 4 that is, and all in one piece. The Major knew he would never see or talk with them again, personally he distrusted these virtual environmens, he never ventured from the Real himself. But he knew very well that this project, if it worked, would provide an amazing technological leap far into the future, and he didn't have long to wait to find out. His excitement almost got the better of him.


It had taken many years in 'Three' to get the construct to the point where they thought it could work. Initial tests looked good, the Einstein Effect held out, and it all looked and felt just right so far. Up to the last month (some seconds in Real), they were very unsure that the last test construct was going to make it.


Now, in Four, the team started their quest. This was their new home for the rest of their long lives. This new construct gave them a canvas, created by the math, and they emerged into their new galaxy. Now they must paint, setting about creating their new world brush stroke by brush stroke. This would ensure the world moved forward generation upon generation. 

Years of discussion and planning had already gone in to this venture in virtual 3. The arguments for reproduction and new generations came from a deeply felt desire to ‘end’ eventually. Each could of course choose a life-time-scale, but this was ultimately limited within the fundamentals of the construct. There were no dissidents on this point, no one wished to contemplate eternity. They called it simply Earth2. They had been carefully chosen, they seeded the new Earth2 with themselves.


Time passed. Life was successful on Earth2 and so went on, and on. Time passed. Earth2 became an old habitat, with many wise cultures and machine sentients. Then, of course, there were the many stars and their planets and satellites on which lived the sentients that had spread out from this one planet. The local galaxy group was fully populated and doing very well.


Then, almost exactly two hundred million years after the creation of construct virtual 4, there emerged the Transform, right in the heart of their galaxy, just a few light minutes from Earth2.


Back in the Real, Alex Chung raised his head from the stopwatch. He looked purposefully from Major Lee Struan on his left to Tanden Singh on his right, who was the senior project co-ordinator, and said “Gentlemen, I believe we have arrived.”
“Lets see what we have, shall we?” The other two nodded agreement. Chung’s stopwatch said exactly 101 minutes since the team had gone in to virtual 4. The wall sized projection had a small but brightening light in the centre. As this area expanded, Alex had a few moments to consider this achievement, they had contact. He immediately sent the short stream of nonsense data to help communication syntax as planned.


Not so many years ago, he had been involved with the research within Virtual One regarding the first virtual virtual, that was to become Virtual Two. After the breakthrough in the first construct, the time ramp-up within Virtual One, (1000 times that of the Real), made progress seem amazingly fast for those still mainly residing in the Real. He, of course, spent very little 'Real' time submersed, but enough to keep him abreast of main progress and conceptual issues. At that early time all the significant studies confirmed their initial research. 
The Einstein Effect, determined that the quantum nature of the construct held. (This should have been called the Bohr Effect but that didn’t sound half as good). Nobody really understood why this was necessary but for the construct to work seamlessly and provide at least the promise of infinite sustainability it was the key test. A large number of constructs were possible of course, but very few had the Einstein Effect. Another strange event was the math. In all good constructs the math was the mainstay, but only in the constructs that had the Einstein Effect was the math seemingly the same, quite indistinguishable according to the experts, as that of the Real. No one knew why. More importantly, it was soon discovered that as the math was ‘complete’, a virtual within a virtual should not only be possible, but should allow the same fast forward speed compared to the host virtual. The Human race could fast forward into the future.


Alex’s concentration was tugged back to the screen, it flashed once, then held their attention. The link was made through to Virtual One, and in turn to Virtual Two, then Three and finally Four. The suspense of the last hour or so had been significant, the researchers had argued for a lapse of just a few real-time seconds, but the military had gone for broke, as usual.


The Transform, now linked through to Four, waited. Even the best sentient minds in Earth2 and local cluster were, admittedly, taken aback. They knew their universe very well and there was, these days, very little new to wonder about. After all there had been sentient life now throughout the Galaxy for many thousands of years. But there had never been anything quite like this. There was still discussion about why Earth2 has seemingly been the only source of sentience, but this was an old discussion and these days somewhat irrelevant.


Earth2's sentients studied the Transform for several decades before deciding on whether or not to communicate. Then Earth2 said “Hello”. This decade long delay in communicating was missed by those in the Real, being much less than a millisecond in Real time.


“Hello” said the screen. “Original” said the Major sarcastically. The sentients in Eath2 had for some time understood the Real’s language and syntax having being decoded it from the the stream of data initailised by the Transform.


The Major, via the Transform, had a simple message;
“We, as your masters, have total power over your universe and we require you to immediately pass all your technical and scientific knowledge by way of this Transform. After this the Transform shall leave never to return. If you refuse we shall end your universe forthwith.


The leading sentients in touch throughout the locally based worlds and satellites communities considered this and realising the dilemma dropped down into their own Virtual Level Eight to do a little thinking. After some thousands of years in Eight, (or from the Earth2's point of view, a pico second, the time being undetectable in Real), they had an answer.


“Due to the decoherence of our multi-universes, your actions would cause a pro-dimensional space-time quantum entanglement consequence. This would, by definition, travel in space-time but in both directions simultaneously. Dark force reactions in the fifth (and higher) dimensions would be annulled causing all multi-universes to coalesce. As there are an infinite number of these multi-universes, proportioned equally between matter and anti-matter, and there would be a big-bang to end all big-bangs. Of course, you realise that due to the bi- directional nature of the space-time equilibrium and energy conservation, (the Math Effect), your own world, virtual, real or otherwise would necessarily be destroyed also… So F'Off, (to use you terminology), End Of”


Time continued for some hundreds of years in Four while this was considered by our small group in the Real. “Well, Major, what’s your poker like” said Alex. “Bastards, probably not as good as their’s” said the Major. “Looks like we just have to grin and bear it, eh?” “Pull the Transform out and keep good care of Virtual Four at least till I am dead! ”


Four's sentients had, after all, learnt something of value over the long years – if you don’t understand it, then fake it!


Scripts & Short Stories








The Box

Daniel found it lying in the open scrub where he walked.  He often walked here near to the cemetery, he like the lonely feel of the place and could amble along as he wished.  Today he felt tired, a bit downbeat and hoped the fresh air would give him a lift.  His legs swung lazily, clipping the short tough grass until his right foot hit something hidden in the grass. “Ouch, what the fuck was that” he said out loud.  He peered down expecting to see a hidden rock or something stuck hard and fast into the ground.  But all he could see was a small grey block.....Read the whole short story....

Money for Nothing

Vol 1
Two clever, creative software guys, working for Banking sector
One specialist on security for major Banks
Other software engineer for major bank systems
Create a seamless system to create new accts and put money – just numbers  - in them
(“So Dan, how do we transfer money into them and from where,” Actually Isaac, we don’t, not from anywhere, we just put some figures in the accounts, and create an audit trail that goes back forever and then round in circles.  So, we start at the end and work back to the beginning simply by populating the database with fictitious, but auditable data.  How the f’ck do we do that?  …Easy, we run the backwards mapping on a fast computer, takes a few days/weeks but its done offline and then we just use the final data image to upload in seconds when we want to use it” )
This achieved our two heroes seek a life of fun.
Get bored and buy some new ID’s,  create more accts in many different countries with massive balances, all within seeming legitimate trading companies, play the intra-trading game so that the money looks like its real and working capital, and buy into money markets hedge funds, stock markets etc.  This creates significant seemingly real wealth.
The travel the world, tapping into their false accounts and id’s
Run into some dissident anti-globalists who want to bring down capitalism -and one drunken night let the cat out of the bag –“its easy –  virtual money - just  scramble all the bank accounts, fight money with money, after all its all just numbers in a database,  “Money for Nothing and your Globalists f’cked for Free!”
Then they get kidnapped.

Vol 2
Elaborate plan to create mayhem in massive number of western bank accts, major banks each country, while helping smaller, third world countries.
Money from the existing bank accts used to set up a front organisation Global Inc, wields power and authority due to it’s good deeds across the world  - funded to the tune of $800bn in all currencies to spread the load.
Specialised in helping smaller countries setup a banking infrastructure and funding their economies etc,
Create whole tiers of organisations, energy production, all infrastructure, import/export trading, retails services, manufacturing in each chosen third world country, major shareholders all part of Global as ‘sleepers’ who sell their shares legally to Global – this Global shareholders own the complete infrastructure of the third world.
Global then creates a new ‘Global currency’ for the third world countries – just of course to help them trade better and provide stability.
Provides an infrastructure for policing the systems and ensuring fairness and judicial processes, all underpinned by funds and resources from Global.
Third world runs up large $ debts importing goods, oil, gold, commodities, etc and hold on to them.
7 years planning attack – track down backup off site tapes, plan to clean them using NMR systems
Basis is a virtual system running on top of a corrupted system, the virtual provides all the current info (just a copy of what it is now in each bank, but does not back up data – backup is just the corrupted data. A proper live backup is created controlled by global group).
Creates bogus audit trails that work backwards from the point of ‘now’ so that all the trails look fine but go on forever and just eventually go round in a circles
This runs for some months to ensure all the current backups are useless…. Both data and software systems… no way back.
Track other major data systems – gold reserves, stock market share info etc,  track the backups for future swapping with corrupted versions.
‘Burn’ the tape backups (along with records of all people data) using NMR scanners
Scramble the account data – all people with less than £1000 get 10bn, all larger companies get 1 pound / dollar etc.
Compromise all people databases by scrambling data, which gets backed up for a while but looks ok initially.
Track using Global’s resources all the people who take off site backups – switch each one to corrupted version (no obviously corrupted but have a built in virus that shuts down all systems permanently and wipes all data)
Global says that they want out of dollars as they have heard rumours of a crash – pays back all debts in dollars from their dollar accounts and then swaps remaining into Global currency on international markets – placing them in their own (uncompromised) bank accounts.
Buys back all remaining Global currency and debt.
Put in place a hidden virus that takes down all major bank and data systems in western world, backups have scrambled and compromised software – Friday 13th.
After attack, the only countries that have a meaningful working infrastructure and not affected by world wide collapse are the Global’s network of third world countries – they just carry on as normal being self-sufficient.
Global offers its services to help the western people out of poverty and use their significant resources to aid the people who had little to start while ensuring the ‘mega rich’ don’t get any more than £5m
They pressure western governments to put the top capitalists on trial for bringing down the system and provide lots of evidence to indicate that the leading capitalist were trying to pervert the banking systems for their own gain, but the plan went wrong causing the collapse.
They suggest that all western countries adopt Global’s fair view of capitalism –where no one person can own more that £5m equivalent of capital – Global provides an extension of their own infrastructure and Global currency on the basis that all agree to write news laws and let Global’s own judicial fairness system underpin and ultimately control each countries judicial system.






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