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If we stand back, this transition has been a long time in the making.  Powerful land and business owners have always had a significant direct influence on the politics of the western nations.  Even before the industrial revolution the British parliament was governed mainly by the large land owners.  The newly-rich industrial men then became the driving force.  But now we have seen a major new paradigm in the business of power-broking.  ‘Trump and his gang’ have systematically created a new set of rules.  These rely on massive control of the new communication systems.  Using their money, they have created a powerful set of news and social media processes that use ‘big data’ to map people’s likes and dislikes, then purposely and directly target their ‘message’ through a huge number of automated systems. These easily overwhelm the normal news and media channels due to the shift towards new media processes such as Facebook and Twitter.

It seems possible that Trump had a direct hand in the Brexit vote using these automated media sources.  In turn this influenced his election chances.  We have to be cognisant of these new media manipulation processes.  And because this new manipulation is so very powerful in its reach and effect, we have to consider that this creates a new power-base for the supper rich, one that is more powerful than regular news channels and more powerful than our inherent ‘democratic processes’ (even allowing for their poor results and popularity).

As these new media channels look set for the foreseeable future, we need to understand the relevance of this change to the power structure.  Like 1984, being able to manipulate the very thoughts of ‘the people’, this new paradigm means that ‘the people’ are no longer a threat to the power-brokers.   These new rulers shall do exactly what they choose.  If there is a small ‘thinking’ group whom see through this new structure, they shall be incapable of creating any powerful new thinking as they do not control these coordinated new media channels.  If such a group should take to the streets, the new media will create a much bigger group in opposition – not by any effective organisation but simply as the result of the reaction to clever media manipulation.

See the article from the Guardian newspaper that provides an in-depth review of how these new media manipulation processes work. :


Strangely enough CST penned a futuristic article that considered this sort of power brokerage.  It is very disconcerting that such as process has so quickly become a real threat to the future of the human race.


What happens now?  If we are really quick, there is a small chance to break-apart these new manipulation processes using the standard trusted media channels and a great deal of concerted effort.  We must also have to immediately outlaw the use of ‘big data’ for the use of news or media manipulation.  Entities such as Facebook and Twitter must change their data processes to prevent the collation of their data from any organisation that cannot be completely trusted.  Organisation that already hold such data must be made illegal and the data destroyed.

If we do not do this then we may have a very bleak future.  Make no mistake, these clever manipulators of great wealth care not a jot for the rest of us.  As we continue to make technical progress it shall not be very long before these power-brokers can walk away from the rest of the human race as the robots shall maintain the core systems that these people require.  It is quite likely that at this point we either have a complete discontinuity of our social structure or the unwanted are simply culled. 

1984 may have been the precursor to the final twist to any real democratic decision making across the world. Now it seems the new paradigm is – ‘we control your thoughts - even though you don’t know it'. Double-think doesn’t even get a look in.




1984 Re-Visited with a Twist

So now we know.   The move to people power – Brexit, Trump et al – is exactly the opposite of what it seems.  The real story is about the move of the power base from, (a not very effective), political system to the power capitalists who organise and own the largest companies.