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‘Call My Bluff’ Tax

Your are advised by HM Government to purchase your personal life-long insurance against any future ‘Mansion & Capital’ tax.  This covers you for your property and capital assets within the UK and abroad. 

The cost of this insurance is just five pence in the pound for all of your assets worldwide that you declare. Note that the validity of the insurance is based on your accurate assessment of your wealth, and if in the future when any tax is levied your wealth has been found to be substantially understated then the full amount of the tax will be levied on your total assets.

Please note that the cost of this insurance will increase by 1% per annum until any proposed legislation comes before your beloved Parliament – the seat of democracy for the new world.

So don’t delay, roll up your sleeves and grab this once in a lifetime chance to protect for life your assets against future ‘Mansion & Capital’ taxes.  Your payments will be used directly to fund investment growth within the UK (see investment growth fund aims and provisions).  You may also elect to pay up to 10% of your personal insurance payment to one or more listed charities (see listed charities).

Don’t wait for that knock on the door when the HMS Grim Reaper comes calling to collect a substantial proportion of your hard earned wealth, put you hand in your pocket now and join the growing commitment to fund Britain’s future by investing for our young people today, go on, you can afford it after all!


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