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Three revolutionary ideas come together:-

As Sebastian Thrun (founder of Udacity) said:-

"you can take the blue pill and go on as you are – or you can take the red pill and change the world"

Imagine the future for education, learning, critical thinking and people action:-

The interconnectivity of the internet provides a new world-wide channel for group work, learning and action.  Couple this to emerging (free) online education resources and jump a stage further to employing VR headsets.  This provides the ability not just to inform and educate, but to bring people of the world together, real-time if necessary, to collaborate on any project.

The possibility to learn from immersed VR education tools, (using gaming techniques and automatic feedback / rating), is a game changer – it will cut the time to learn new concepts and subjects to a fraction of the current time for conventional courses (or even the current online courses).

Imagine a world where everyone can get involved, inform themselves (fully) and join a world wide group interested in a particular topic.  VR meetings – where people come together in a 3D virtual reality – provides for real world change as we have never seen before. 

Putting this change into perspective with Man’s other great achievements – the steam engine created efficiency increases of say between 10 and hundred fold – now one person in education can go from 30 students to millions with the same amount of work.  There has never been anything like such a jump in efficiency in the whole Accent of Man.

The new enabled thinking of billions of people across the world will form a new franchise of potential power.  Instead of most people being disenfranchised from political power, these technologies offer to create a new paradigm for this century and beyond.

Its coming and its here to stay. Well done MIT, Harvard and Standford.

See links:

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EDX - free online university

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