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Get Real or get Dead...

We now have quality politicians like Angela Merkle apparently just waking up to the fact that global warming is causing existential threats – the flooding – and that we all should be doing more.

Well, Mrs Merkel, you are twenty years or more too late!    What none of the ‘scientists’ will tell you is that we are long past the tipping points we discussed fifteen  years ago and any action now is mitigation for the medium term and maybe a holding position for the longer term.

The scientists will not tell you the real position as it is not in their interest – there is no point in telling all the people making climate change decisions that they are too late as they will do even less.

This is a conundrum.  The world has to face up to the fact that we have already rubbished the planet.  There are now so many disturbing pointers to this fact that CST expects these existential threats will continue and increase from now on enveloping whole communities. 

One of the big ones that may threaten country-wide communities, especially the poorer ones of course, is a global crop failure.  There are only a few distinct areas of the world that create most of the staple grain and rice for us all.  If two or more fail in one year there will be a world-wide famine that could kill tens of million or more.  This makes Covid look like a tea party.  The future threats will make the North European floods seem like simple set backs.

The fact that whole sea’s (Turkey’s Marmara) are already now dying presents a very uncomfortable proposition for the human race.  Such changes become irreversible for centuries or longer and they have a knock on effect.  If the sea changes even a bit overall, the air and the planets ecology will be on a downward spiral to zero for mammals and many animals, and us with it.

We cannot do anything to prevent China (and India) from increasing their CO2 output for the next 30 years, unless we go to war with them and this will only make the environment worse.

The questions we should now be asking is not how we attempt to prevent climate change, but how are we to cope medium term with the changes that we have already set in place.   There is simply no point in spending resources in attempting to cut emissions for a country like the UK, China’s expansion puts all of it back within a few months – so it makes no difference to the medium or longer term.  But we can take practical steps to help some of us survive:

We can attempt to preserve certain areas, say specific large sea regions that can be protected from fishing, put the gun boats in and just tell the fishing vessels to go away?  Which country is going to go to war to protect their fishing rights when all sane people know that we are at the end of the line for fish survival and our own consequential survival?

We can now start creating massive, and we mean massive, high rise smart farm factories, powered by solar, operated by robotics, linked directly to sustainable energy distribution transportation such as hydrogen/electric trains and trucks.

We can provide massive solar farms in places like Africa to help power the whole world with cheaper hydrogen and ship it around in hydrogen powered ships as ammonia.

We can now apply solar, wind and nuclear to creating massive surplus energy for use in new types of cities and towns that are effectively self-reliant and sealed from future environmental extremes.

Countries like the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, S. Korea, Israel & US can create new technologies and provide existing technologies to other countries like Africa, India, the South America’s to help them re-organise their own affairs along sustainable lines.  Perhaps we can also cajole China into taking part by showing them up. 

All this will take a massive effort, equivalent to a third world war – but that is what we all face – a third world war against nature. Nature, a sleeping beast that has been content within it's own parameters for several thousand years, one we that we have now poked into a corner and it has come out fighting.  We must understand that we can never win that war, all we can do is pacify nature and work with what is left of the benign bit to create a new paradigm for our own existence.

But we won’t do any of this until the existential threats directly threaten the political classes and their personal hold on power.  It has always been thus.

And as we have said before, the only people who can probably make a real difference are the children and young students, everyone else has a job to keep and as such does not have the ability to do a great deal if they wish to protect their families from short term failure. 

The children as we have said before should all just go on strike – no school & no spending just sit on their hands until the politicians act on their demands, powered by social media it could spread, and they are safe, few politicians would considere direct action against the children.  Consider the reaction to Greta Thunberg - it proved the political classes were really scared. And so finally the politicians would be forced to act as such a strike would cause catastrophic, unsustainable issues for all politicians world wide.

CST has a simple request for the media such as the BBC – please stop talking rubbish about what any specific country such as the UK can do about climate change on it's own, and face up to the fact that we must now turn to mitigation of the coming threats and not to the reduction of CO2 et al. 

CST still believes that such institutions like the BBC, could if they we really brave, make a difference - a  24/7 coverage of climate issues and their current and future impact could assemble a kick back from the younger generations and effect real political change.

Get real, get moving or get dead.




What a Load of Flooding Nonsense

July 2021

Fifteen years ago CST stated that global warming and it’s treatment was a global issue – it's in the name, yet we still don’t get it.