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One of CST 's contributors has a simple way defining life’s opportunities:-

Many of the opportunities that CST propose fall into this (difficult, difficult) category.  We shy instinctively away when we see that the task takes pain, then more pain, then asks us to do more than we ever thought possible. All this while keeping faith in what we set out to achieve.  And of course, even after all that, success is never guaranteed, life is just not like that.

Politicians simply never suggest difficult, difficult as it will almost certainly mean political suicide.  Therefore our society never attempts to solve certain problems until there is no choice or if the issue can be side stepped.

Yet, when we do, we find that we can achieve simply amazing things.  A good example is the Battle of Britain during the second world war.  The choice was between capitulation or trying to win against incredible odds.  On that occasion Britain prevailed, but we may have failed and if we had, would that have made the decision wrong even given the massive pain and loss of young lives?

The question is simple, are we, as a society, happy about not taking the difficult, difficult path when we know deep down that it is the necessary path?

If not, then how as a society, can we organise ourselves to enable the difficult, difficult decisions?




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