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Our observable local Space/Time (3 Dimensions +Time) is the result of combining all the wrapped underlying dimensions – an infinite number that underpin the known and unknown universe. Think of the dimensions either as a single infinitely wrapped dimension, or an infinite number of one dimensional dimensions, it matters not.

This dimensional view of the universe allows us to explain the many unresolved quantum processes that we observe.

Imagine the universe as a cube split into a million slices, then within these slices are another million slices and so on – these are the limitless dimensions underlying space time.

Each dimension is a continuous slice that runs through everything in the universe. Each of these dimension is one dimensional, so it can roll up and lie next to any other point in any other dimension in any part of the universe, ie all of space time.

"Our Universe is simply infinite-levels of one dimensional energy that interact to create the illusion of space/time"

This explains why space time is an illusion. It is made up from underlying dimensions that have no space and no time.

Only in our three Dimensional world do we see space being separated by time, whereas the underlying dimensions reflect the interactions of higher dimensions and visa versa - we see these total reflections as ‘reality’ in 3D+T

Each dimension vibrates to these changes; the resulting patterns interweave to produce all possibilities. This explains why quantum entanglement and quantum processes work.

They arise from the nature of all dimensions being able to interact across space and time as each dimension exists next to every other dimension anywhere in the universe.

For instance, the quantum nature of experiments use the interactions of dimensions to provide the best path for say a lightening strike because the best path is clearly available for the interactions between all dimensions.

The photon in the dual split experiment finds a distributed path for the quantum photon, except when it is forced into the highest 3D+T dimension by the experiment or observer. It must be a distributed quantum path as the dimensions offer all possible answers as they ensure equality across all the dimensions. If this were not true, then the infiniy of one dimensions would not be totally interacted at all times. This total interactivity ensures completeness, energy equality and explains why the universe seems to follow the same mathematical rules werever we observe.

When we ‘measure’ the photon it must combine all interactions across all dimensions as we are forcing it to into 3D+T to make the measurement. It is not that we are seeing an illogical process where our actions seem to be changing the quantum state - it is the opposite, the state must change as we are made up of the underlying dimensions, (because we exist), and are in turn made up from matter that represents the interactions of the dimensions. The dimensions are just reflecting our measurement in the 3d+T.


All particles and their anti-matter equivalents are simply the resonances (tunes) created from the harmonies of the underlying dimensions.  They are quantized as there are only specific and harmony levels that match the dimensions harmonies, we see these as energy levels.   The interaction of particles and their forces are an interplay between these harmonies, they sing to each other in specific notes to make fundamental tunes that result in all matter and antimatter.   

As the tunes become more complex they represent higher level particles, with the particles such as gluons playing the base tunes that make up the others. Consider the basic particles as a hierachy of of basic parts of a tune, the gluons being the basic beat and the quarks each being different parts of the rhythms. Think of anti-matter as the same tune but in the opposite phase. Photons are one of the simplest tunes that arise from the dimension’s harmonies, there may be others similar. We are sure to keep finding different tunes (particles) when we look as there will be a likely infinite number of tunes that can be made from the various underlying harmonies.


Vibrations create all the particles found within our 3D view of matter. Gravity results from the phase interplay between the tunes that create the particles within matter. This is why gravity seems to be such a small force as it is not directly due to the underlying dimensions but the interaction between the phases of the tunes that the dimensions play. These interactions due to phase differences must propagate across all vibrations as they affect one another and must maintain equality and energy across all dimensions (ie space time).

This is why Gravity is different to all other interactions that are created within our 3D perspective. It is not the same as the local interaction of the vibrations that forms the underlying particles of matter.  As such, this force of gravity permeates all vibrations of the dimensions and propagates at the speed of light. The result - we observe within our 3D perspective - are the changes to ‘space time’.

Quantum Computing:

Quantum computing does not therefore need 'multi-universes' as the dimensions already provide for all possible answers through their interactions. These dimensions are of course limited by nature of the vibrations, these must harmonise with each other limitng the quantum states allowed across the universe. Thus if there is an answer it lies there already within the dimensions, their interactions and the allowable quantum states. The quantum computer just looks at the allowable states and spews out the answer.

Take the Travelling Salesman problem; 'The quckest pathe to visit all cities'; This is an 'n' dificulty limited mathematical problem where there is a limit to the number of cities (n) that classical mathematics can comput the quickest path. But the quantum computer can see the available paths for any number of cities as there already exists a 'correct' path that is allowed by the dimensions and quantum states available.
Nature does this all the time; the path of a lightening strike and the path of an electron tracking across a leaf after a photon releases it (photosynthesis), the path chosen is always the 'best' path, nature is working in a quantum mode to 'find' the best paths allowed.

The nature of these infinite one dimensions also provides for a vast new technical advance where we use some of the top dimensions as classical computers for data storage interactions.

Imagine that we use just the topmost 1000 dimensions within each atom to move and store data, this movement can be as fast as the data can be read and written as time does not exist for the dimensions as such. This means that a very small amount of matter could be used to construct a vast computer.


During the big bang, when new dimensions were spawned from another set of quantum dimensions (due perhaps to some sort of rift in the spawning dimensional structure), the dimensions were initially compressed, perhaps into just one or a few initial dimensions.  Just after the big bang, these initial dimensions flowered into the many dimensions – this created the short period of inflation, the expansion of the initial dimensions into the many dimensions underpinning quantum space time.

Only at this point did our (local) universe become the space / time reality that we can observe.  The full universe consists of many complete sets of dimensions, each set creating a local quantum space/time system that is independent from other sets of dimensions.  In specific circumstances, any of these dimensional sets can spawn a new set of dimensions and form a new local set that continues to expand infinitely.


This seemingly amazing equation now becomes rather obvious.  Energy resides within the dimensions and their vibrations, it is one and the same.  Matter results from the interactions of these vibrations.  The speed of light is the speed of propagation between the dimensions and their vibrations, it is the way that the vibrations interact that we see as changes. And these we see within our limited 3D view of space time as the speed of light – photons are these interactions, we simply observe them as moving at the speed of these photons.  The total energy is the square of this value due to the infinite nature of the one dimensional dimensions, thus the total must be the speed of light squared as these dimensions affect every part of the universe that we observe.

Time Measurement & Speed of Light

The atomic clocks of speeding satellites show small differences in time.  Einstein predicted this, and now we have measured this.  Speed of light is the propagation of changes (eg photons) through the dimensions due to the vibrations interacting. 

Time simply reflects the speed of these changes that propagate through the dimensions.  So time must reflect the ‘space time’ we observe as our view is from outside these propagations.  This means that the clock in one satellite is in actuality a set of vibrations and their interactions from one part of the underlying dimensions.  The other clock is made from similar vibrations in another part of the dimensions.  Propagation between these two areas of the universe is at the speed of light. 

So we, (from yet another part of the universe, or dimensions), see the clocks reflecting these changes in propagation.  The ‘faster’ the satellites move, the longer it takes for these propagations to cross the divide as the ‘speed’ simply reflects the space time of the dimensions in terms of propagation.

Black Holes

These form when the gravitational force is concentrated due to the wrapping of the underlying dimensions.  When particles, (the result of interactions between vibrations), get close together, the gravitational forces from the phase differences also become concentrated.  This creates a feedback loop between the force of gravity and the particles, further concentrating the dimensions until they form into a densely packed loop creating our 3D view of a singularity where mater, space and time we see as one point.  These closely wrapped dimensions still exist of course and can unwrap given the right conditions. 

The idea that there are wormholes between these densely packed regions of the dimensions is true, but this is simply due to the underlying nature of the dimensions that are one dimensional, it is not specific to black holes although being closely packed they allow the transfer of significant ‘matter’ as we see it to pass between such singularities due to the fact that the dimensions and their vibrations within these points represent a huge amount of concentrated energy.

Dark Energy:

This is due directly to the quantum dimensional ‘law’ that energy is equally distributed across the known and unknown local universe.  This is driven by the fact that dimension are one dimensional interactions which are independent of space time. The dimensions are, (and must be), continually expanding just as they did after the big bang. And just like the inflation period after the big bang, there is continuing expansion at the edge of the known observable universe.  This provides the dark energy force as it is simply the dimensions inflating as they must to ensure equal energy distribution.  

Dark Matter:

This is misunderstood.  Dimensions ensure that energy is equally distributed across the known and unknown universe.  Gravity is a result of the interaction of all the underlying dimensions.  As these dimensions, (or more correctly their interactions), change with the scale of the matter of the universe, it can be understood that when interactions are low, (ie less local matter), the apparent gravity is also low, but the interactions of all dimensions is independant of space time and is thus not dependant upon this local gravity. This independence of the observed gravitational energy from the local matter, is one and the same as the independence of all dimensions from space time as they are one dimensional.

The quantum dimensions ensure that the system is independent of the amount of observable local matter as the energy is conserved across all dimensions and this is equally distributed.  The misunderstanding is that Einstein’s law of relativity is correct, but it is the total energy distribution, (not the observed matter), that creates the relativistic space time gravity effect. 

The dimensions represent the energy across the universe not the observable matter.  The difficulty here is that we are unable to measure the energy within the underlying dimensions – we can only see the observable matter.  There is no dark matter, it is simply the (unobservable) energy distribution within the quantum dimensions.


... Well, it makes just as much sense as any other theory!





Quantum Dimensions

The Unified Theory -

Oct 2022

"There was nothing, but then, nothing cannot exist. There is no zero. The dimension filled the void because it must.  The dimension expanded and sang. It wrapped itself quickly because it must fill this nothingness, it sang to itself in the many harmonies.  The dimensions inflated to create our universe. And they sang harmoniously and still do."