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Presentation of Policy: For a new Political Era -

This submission is for a fundamental change to the way policy is presented.  It has significant advantages over current methods and provides directly for an improvement with the implementation of policy to which it relates.

This is a simple and yet powerful proposition.  Labour is well situated to establish this new method of policy presentation as it fits precisely with the new way forward for the UK.  It is truly empowering for Labour Party members and also the wider public.

It also goes a long way to relieving the difficulties and pitfalls involved with the planning and implementation of policies that require significant change.  Implementation difficulties are nearly always unknowable at an early stage for complex change.  These difficulties often derail the long-term success of the whole policy due to the public’s disengagement.

Key Changes:

All policy is put forward as long-term objectives; defining where the UK needs to be in 25 to 30 years.

At the same time, a new method of creating sustainable change is presented.   This provides for iterative, open and empowering change process.


This new change process starts with defining what is currently known, and importantly what is unknown.   It has at its core an open, iterative planning process.  This creates the agility required for negotiating the many pitfalls along the implementation path, yet maintains the focus on long-term objectives.   By being open and setting out the ‘unknowns’ it empowers everyone to help solve the issues and keep the planning moving towards the policy goals.
This type of policy presentation provides several significant advantages:

Please see the accompanying powerpoint presentation.  This details how it may be implemented and the thinking behind the proposal.

Link: PowerPoint: New Politics



The New Manifesto

For a New Political Era

Is this the unbeatable way forward for Labour?

Dec 2023