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“The Plan UK”

Based on four tenets:

  1. Investment (for sustainable growth)
  2. Cutting Marginal Costs (See Reforms)
  3. Improving Export Opportunities (See Exports)
  4. Look to the Future (not the past)

A true vision – a  vision for a future Britain that harnesses investment enabling future growth, reduces ‘unnecessary’ costs through reforms, improves exports through both direct sales / marketing & direct funding. And, not least, putting the irrelevant ‘debt’ behind us by planning sensibly for the future now, while we can.

This simple way forward, ignores the current nonsense and sets a clear path for long-term growth, jobs and improving economic fundamentals for many, many years to come.

Decision making must be based on what works for our future.  Current decision making, (or lack of it), is based on looking back.  It is wallowing in the issues around the current debt rather than looking to the future.  The debt is a ‘fact’.  It cannot be undone, but future planning has nothing to do with the past, spilt milk is just that, lets move on.

Britain is currently wealthy enough to enable such a plan.  Nothing but our own incompetence prevents this.  Not doing so now will leave Britain in the future without any choice at all - as the ever increasing social costs rise due to the relentless demographic changes, Britain as a whole will lose the ability to change. Our wealth really will run out and we shall be reduced to live in a society with ever declining wealth.

And now, more than ever, is the time to be bold.  The UK’s present currency rate (against Europe and other major countries) provides a distinct advantage.  The political possibilities for ‘change’ are now also greater than they have been for many years.  Generally, Britain’s population wants to see creative change and needs a solid and effective vision for the future.

CST puts forward much of the detail of such a plan – areas for long-term investment, key areas for reform, super fast track training for young people and how to kick start exports.  We need to be cognoscente of future changes such as the 'Robotic Revolution' and position the UK to take best advantage. The politicians need to take heed of this window of opportunity as it will be the people of Britain as a whole that will ultimately suffer if such a plan is not implemented soon.

Comment - A Commonsense ViewCST
We know our pensions must come from wealth generated by the next generations, (as current pensions are represented in the main by the UK's overall debt).

Currently, young people are being disenfranchised from working, and overall, the development of young people is at best stagnating.  This is the exact opposite of what is needed, our society must become much more efficient so that our young people are able to create additional wealth to pay for our pensions, over and above what they need to live.

The politicians talk about cuts and belt tightening, buying less and saving more.  But unless the money/funds which are not spent are used within long-term investment, then what is the belt-tightening for?  It simply reduces the overall economy for everyone – and this is just daft.

Furthermore, to leave all the investment decisions to the private sector which is mostly limited to creating short term profits, we as a society lose out from doing essential things that can create true long-term wealth, (and other brilliant ideas – see SFT).



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