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Opportunity India:

What an opportunity!  India has a young, vibrant, able and massive population of nearly 1.4 billion with a median age of just 28 years. Many Indian's speak English, with English being India’s official subsidiary language.  Information technology, software and manufacturing are key industry sectors.  It also has a low per capita income. This all adds up to an amazing opportunity, India is perfectly placed to grow into one of the worlds leading economies – but it is crying out for the right help!

Let’s consider the opportunity;  With Rishi as Prime Minister - swept away in one breath is the old and hazardous post colonial relationship.   With one move this relationship is transformed into one of immense opportunity. There exists now a palpable yearning for India to see ‘one of their sons’ as a great leader of the once world dominant colonial state.  India will continue to bathe in the Rishi light.

Rishi Sunak must leverage this de-facto new relationship and transform India, and in return, the UK’s real growth prospects, especially exports, innovation and high level jobs. 

Consider the potential;  Not just a new trade deal awaiting in the wings, but huge possibilities to create lasting, close economic ties for the foreseeable future and massive economic impact for both economies.

Education, skills & jobs

India needs to improve and increase it’s educational resources, the UK has some of the worlds leading educational establishments and also established online educational resources with the BBC, Open University and FutureLearn.

This is a huge opportunity.  Our educational establishments such as the leading universities could sponsor and train educationalists to create new Indian based physical resources.  These could be organised so that UK degrees and other established qualifications can be properly offered throughout these new Indian educational resources. 

The BBC, Open University and FutureLearn could create a special set of educational resources for the Indian population, perhaps also covering the major languages and promoting core learning processes for all ages.  This can be coupled to an information technology transfer using UK design promoting Indian manufacturing of quality Tablets to be used for many Indian pupils especially those in remote locations.  Modern tablets would allow, even in the remotest areas, access to high level, core learning resources directly from the memory storage in every tablet, (and in the local language), without the need for internet access.

UK universities should open their doors to many Indian students, with, if necessary, bursaries for high level students with future possibilities.  Some of these students would go on to become UK doctors, nurses, information technology people, researchers and technologists – just the sort of additional educated people that the UK requires for high level growth.

Importantly, often misunderstood, this close collaboration would lead directly to a cultural exchange that binds the two nations and creates future possibilities and further collaboration.  There is only a win, win here, some will be disgruntled about inviting in the ‘Asians’ … probably the same people who wished for Brexit, which has become an economic disaster.   Let us move forward with helping to educate India while benefiting from the results.

Design, Manufacturing & Arms

India’s armaments are supplied mostly by Russia.  Now is the perfect time to present a different way forward as Putin’s war has shown that Russia cannot be trusted or ever relied upon.

The UK has extensive, highly capable armament design.  It lacks the massive manufacturing that China and India posses.  A joint approach with India, the UK supplying design and high tech capability with India supplying the manufacturing base – provides for both India’s armaments and the UK / Nato supply.  This, of course, need the US on board as the tech is almost certainly shared and their agreement will be necessary.  But having hurdled this issue, this pact and technical transfer (under licence) would help Nato to shore up the wider need for massive armaments required to underpin Nato’s new stance against Russia and indeed China.

Further to this, general high-tech design by UK companies, both for software and manufactured designs can leverage on this new close collaboration.  To help this process the UK and India can set up a joint ‘Innovation Hub’, where innovators, designers and manufacturers can lodge their requirements and seek partners to gain access to each others capabilities.  This should include tax breaks, ease of transfer and joint licensing processes with changes in laws and special agreements between the UK and India to provide for this.

Special open work visa’s can be used to get these transitions working with people from the UK living and working in India and visa versa.

Joined Up Thinking

To get the UK leading innovation and technology in specific sectors, we can leverage this Indian collaboration by implementing CST’s ‘Innovation Plan’.  This provides for new business structures, links to Universities and massive funding by taping into the under-utilised general bank savings of £1.6 Trillion within the UK.

Now, imagine this same process being leveraged by a new Indian/UK collaboration – joint Indian/UK companies within a new framework of business structures specifically aimed at collaboration between the two states.  The Innovation process & funding can use exactly the same systems, except that these now include funding directly from Indian people, links to Indian scientists and researchers. This system would ensure that these joint innovation businesses stay within the defined UK/Indian sphere ensuring they cannot be sold to external buyers outside the two countries and their innovation and technology preserved between the two counties.   All achieved within the very strong financial control and de-risking within CST’s proposed innovation plan.

The Future and Climate Change

India is destined to continue to grow, it has currently (Oct 2022) one of the worlds highest growth rates (approx 7%). With China's economy waning.

If we establish this proposed close educational, tech transfer, innovation and joint business approach, the UK can expect to leverage it’s own high tech growth on India’s future.  The UK effectively turns around our colonial past, providing increased wealth for both countries within an amicable and safe arrangement. 

This stabilises both India and the UK economically and politically.  India would become, in time, an important part of the western free market and democratic system.  Lured away from both Putin and Xi Jinping and perhaps brought also into an expanded Nato. The UK has the opportunity to now make a real change to world political stability.

Further, India is becoming and will continue increasingly to become a major polluter and green house gas emitter.  The UK can supply the technology and with India’s powerful manufacturing base, the development of new technologies and improved power systems can be developed and employed within India to reduce these pollutants and greenhouse gasses.

India has the power and people to make huge changes to world economics and the performance of new technologies.  While the UK can only dream of these available resources, India can provide massive changes to important future vertical farming systems, solar systems, clean coal fired power, robotic manufacturing and transport systems.

Perhaps, if the immigration zealots can be put aside, the UK can enter a new post industrial era jointly with India - the sum of the two being much greater than the parts - CST see's this as one of the UK's greatest opportunities ever... the UK gaining the leading role in the development of the world's next major economy.

...Come on Rishi!



The ‘Rishi Factor’

– Opportunity India!

Oct 2022

India - Young, vibrant and willing

UK - Educated, high-tech and old