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Great fiction creates great adversaries.  The encapsulation of evil within Lord of The Rings, Saruman turned by the evil eye of Sauron, together they choose total evil to gain the power to rule the world.  One Ring to rule the world through totalitarianism… hold on sounds a bit sensitive... evil totalitarian powers joining together to help each other against the free world?

For seventy years we have enjoyed our fiction fantasies.  Today, unbelievably, we see the evil of Putin joined with Xian Ping to pursue an evil ring that includes Iran & North Korea.   The only thing these people have in common is that they betray their own people and the peoples of the rest of the world for their own person power.

We never expected to see this again after the modern example of Hitler.  The joining of these major world powers, pitting themselves against the world’s free democracies is truly frightening and they are truly evil.  These people using their State’s economic and military power to drive their own version of morality – a morality that centres around fake news, repression, torture and imprisonment.  All done without any compassion for their own people, to provide these ‘leaders’ with their ongoing power-base.

Yet, today we still see the free nations tacitly supporting these evil regimes.  Is it only CST that sees the end game here?  Either the free nations come together and take on these pariah states, or they will, given time, find the one Ring to rule us all.  Their evil eye now shines on us from afar.

China’s navy surpassing the power of the US, with it’s obvious intent on taking back the free nation of Taiwan on which the whole free world depends for it’s electronics.  China’s clear move is to gain control of the whole of the Asian peninsular within the China Sea and then continue their evil influence on an expanding region across the southern oceans.

If we let Putin win any sort of victory in Ukraine, he will remain in power and re-arm, then again attack another free national state to provide ongoing disruption to support his evil regime.  Next time, with the growing axis of evil working more closely, he will succeed and form a more deadly axis from which the western free democracies will find it impossible to escape without a nuclear war.

All this at a time when we can see the coming economic disruption from climate change.  This Russian and Chinese axis of evil probably welcomes climate chaos, it strengthens their advantage over the west as they will happily let their people die of hunger, drought and natural disasters, while the west attempts to limit the human damage and applies more and more economic resources to do so.

The free world needs to wake up, we are now approaching the end game for the human race, either we can capitulate or we at least can go down fighting.  Putin’s threats of nuclear attack are just that, threats.  He knows that if Russia uses nuclear force it will be an end play for him and Russia.  Nato must leverage everything in it’s power to make sure Ukraine wins and drives Russia out of all Ukraine. 

If Putin is stupid enough to attempt a nuclear attack, then Nato should demolish Russia’s military and gain the run of the skies and sea’s.  He will then be out one way or another with a chance to rebuild Russia as a democratic nation.   China should be told that if it attempts any attack on Taiwan or any other nation then Nato will step in directly and the free world will impose a complete ban on imports and exports.  Any other nation wishing not to join in this should be given the same choice, this goes for India.  There is no more time for fence-sitting.   

The UN’s 193 nations should be asked to sign up to this new charter - then this new United Nations should challenge directly those countries who favour totalitarianism over democracy.  It should be made clear that the democratic nations will not trade or deal with them unless they pledge to change.  This will buy time to deal with them individually.  After Russia is defeated and a new democratic leadership process formed, China needs to be changed – this will need further massive world disruption, but it is the only way forward to ensure democracy prevails.

For many years CST has promoted pacifism and diplomacy, today we say we must fight and the western nations need to decide who’s side they are on – it’s a straightforward choice – freedom & democracy or evil totalitarianism led by corrupt power-brokers.  Let’s act together and rid the world of Sauron, Putin and Xian Ping and then throw the one Ring of Evil into the cauldron of fire never to return.

And, remember that the clock of humanity is running down rapidly, we may only have a few tens of years left to achieve this strategy. (see: Climate End Game)





Lord of The Rings?

– The Unreal Surpassed by Reality

Oct 2022

One Ring to rule the world through totalitarianism…

Hold on sounds a bit sensitive... evil totalitarian powers joining together to help each other against the free world?