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Overview of some Key Issues

Magic Wash system removal and pump filter clean



S Class – The best value car ever?

Second-hand of course.
Why would you not want one? 25% of original cost after 4 or 5 years, many are low mileage, some have the driving assistance package that makes motorway driving almost too easy. The 350D does 60 in less than 7 secs, with an real world fuel economy of 32mpg at fast motorway speeds.

It is the quietest car on the road, great for long distance, handles reasonably, has good stereo (Burmister), and the seats are like armchairs. If there is dense trafic, the car practically drives itself (with the all important driving assistance package). Consequently, for long distance you arrive fresh and peaceful whatever the conditions.

The issue is that few people work on these cars and therefore the info on net is scant and often wrong. The merc dealers seem little better with details but excel at taking your cash!

So below are some guidelines from work undertaken and experience from other vehicles over many years.