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The Tax Affair

Steve Lewis of Crickhowell fame, ‘Darkie’ to his old mates from Cardiff, has started a run on HMRC - in favour of the people and small business - against big business and their ability to avoid their moral tax obligations.

CST likes this idea, a crowdsourcing approach to solving big issues – after all isn’t that what the Government of the day wishes – big society talking on the issues and adding value?  It seems already to be pushing some buttons, with the media and the Government falling over themselves to make the headlines.  Now it seems there may be some joint world action against these immoral businesses that wish to take our money and return none of it to help our societies. 

Google, no doubt, would argue that it puts a great deal back in offering free systems (such as mapping and email).  But, in the end, these businesses are just out for themselves, totally undemocratic and so big that some of them make a direct and deep input into our lives.

CST expects that currently these huge companies are just too powerful and too large to handle.  But, at some (far off) future date, they shall become effectively neutered due to new technologies making them obsolescent, companies such a Google may even help create the technologies that cause their downfall.  (see Emerging Technology Disconnects).

In the meantime, people like Lewis can make a difference. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be enough of them just yet. As always, CST lives in hope - well done Steve.



Sign Steve's petition here:





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