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Conversion Details:

The equipement selection was made irrespective of price as the time and effort required to do the conversion was considered too high to compromise on this.   During research it became clear that many converters use inferior equipment, especially on the electrical parts.   The detailed equipment fitted is as follows:

Design Aims:

This camper project had these design aims:

Safety & reliability
Driveability and efficiency
Ease of use and convenience
Ease of maintenance & repair
Attractive and tasteful interior

These criteria are also ranked in the above order.  This means that safety and maintenance overrides the final attractiveness.

In extensively researching this project, this is the opposite of most camper vans that are offered for sale by professional builders.

The manual explains the use and maintenance and in doing so provides an insight into the design issues and design faults of standard equipment that all VW camper vans use. Please note that it is copywrite and cannot be used except by the purchaser of the campervan.

T6 CamperVan Manual PDF - opens in a new window


Thank You.



VW T6 Camper Highline 150PS 2018
Top Quality New Conversion

8,300 miles only

Five Seats
Colour Coded
Electric Windows
Touch Screen Media
Electrically Controlled Mirrors
Parking Sensors & Viewing Screen
One owner (before conversion)
Metallic Starlight Blue (the best colour?)

This VW T6 has the more powerful 150PS engine with the six speed gearbox - this is important as it give better fuel efficiency, especially for motorway driving and is quieter at speed. The less powerful engine on testing was considered as too week for the extra load for a full campervan conversion.

This is conversion is unique - the only VW camper to have a properly thought-through design for maintenance along with a full maintenance & repair manual.

Please review the manual and design aims before calling. This will be ideal for some people and maybe not be for others. Thank you.

T6 CamperVan Manual PDF - opens in a new window

High Definition pics: Click to Open in new window (then use ctrl and mouse wheel to enlarge):

Standard Pics: