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Like all megalomaniacs, there eventually comes one decision too far.  For Xi it seems that this has not taken long.  Maybe it is because he already thinks himself unassailable.  (Or maybe he is attempting to out do Putin in the 'mad as a hatter' stakes?).

Not many years into his reign he has pronounced a control over young people’s screen time that will be his undoing.

The details are unforgiving.  From 8 to 15 year olds just one hour per day, for 16 & 17 year olds just 2 hours.  Not only is this seemingly totally unworkable and unenforceable, it is so crass it looks like an April 1st joke.

Does Xi have any kids? (Yes, Xi Mingze, daughter, 27 years old, and, unbelievably she lives in America!).  But he has obviously forgotten how difficult it is to attempt to micro-manage children.  While the people and children of China can be forced to tow-the-line regarding what they publicly say and do, and have no choice regarding their laws or infrastructure, both social and physical, these restrictions do not micro-manage every minute of their time.

Children seek change and information.  They are social learning machines that seek constant input.  Once introduced to modern smart devices, they will attempt to find any way to continue to gain access to these for both social, general information and gaming.  By the age of ten, children become very aware of themselves and there own likes and dislikes.  They may not think quite like adults, but to consider that they can be ‘told what to do each and every minute’ is a ridiculous misunderstanding of intelligent, growing human beings.

Xi will meet his match.  Children will gleefully flout his designs on their time.  They will cleverly outwit every one of Xi’s move to contain their enthusiasm for one of the very few things that they can do to escape China’s powerful hegemony across the rest of their lives.  They will time-share their smart devices, they will hack devices, they will buy additional devices, they will continue to access their friends and online information and games whatever Xi’s says or does.

If Xi’s continues to test them, he will create a whole generation of Xi haters.  He will, single handedly, drive a wedge between the Chinese State and this next generation of children…hopefully!

The other implications of Xi's policy are also far-reaching. If the policy is even partly successful, it will stifle creativity and innovation in China. Children who are denied access to technology will be less likely to develop the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

Bard’ also say’s...
This policy may also:
Increased stress, anxiety, and depression among children
Cause a decline in academic achievement
Cause a loss of social interaction

Oh well, well done Xi.  CST can’t wait to see how this plays out.



Xi Gone Mad Already

Aug 2023

Xi Jinping, the current leader of China, has made a number of antagonistic decisions during his time in power.

However, this decision to attempt to limit young people's screen time stands out as particularly misguided.