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One Graph that says it All

As we embark into the era of catastrophe, one graph tells the complete story.  If anyone still harbours hope for a climate reversal, then just take one look at the following:-

It takes no imagination nor any scientific understanding to see that the world has zero chance of changing its headlong dive into climate catastrophe.

2023 has seen sea temperatures rise to extraordinary levels and Antarctic ice retreat to astonishing levels.  The storms, floods, life threatening temperatures across the world are statement to where we are now.  The graph above is both frightening and irresistable.

It shows why the world has no hope of preventing increasing storms and heat from the now scientifically accepted fact that a number of key tipping points have already been reached and the world is now going to continue to heat up.  The graph shows that long before we stop burning fossil fuels the world will be toast.  We are not even close to a plateau in C02 release, we are still increasing production for the foreseeable future.  

But there is NO TIME LEFT…this disaster is happening in front of your eyes today. We have already entered the 'end game'.

The hockey stick curve has entered it’s final quarter and we can expect that from now on climate induced crisis will increase exponentially.   We have already hit 1.5C degrees above pre-industrial levels. The graph below predicts that we are now in the last vertical section - this means exponential change from now on - And forever, since many tipping points have already been reached and others will follow due to positive feedback. The earth's history tells us that this continual heating will change the whole planet into something quite different. Of course, given millions of years it may change back as it has in the past, life will continue, but humans and mammals will be long gone.


Timescale to Catastrophe?

Ice cores have shown that the last ice age ended in just 32 years.  The world changed from very cold to balmy in just over 30 years.  Why are the media and scientist NOT telling us this fact?  It seems clear now that the current situation is more than dire.  We are likely in the middle phase of such a similar change.  This means that within 15 to 25 years we can expect Armageddon.  Forget the timescales of ‘this century’ that is regularly trotted out by the pathetic media, (including the once magnificent BBC), we should be told that we are now in the last few years of normal living for most of the human race. 

Of course, the media, governments et al have a very good reason to deny and withhold such comment.  What is the point of attempting any real change to the environment if we are already in extinction mode?  Why does nobody get it?  Why is the UK still going on about net zero?  Look at the graph – it matters not what the UK does at all, the planet is going to change radically and we need to understand that the time for ‘discussion’ is over, it is now time for survival.

As CST has already stated in previous posts, (The End Game), the UK should be planning for massive disruption of food, water, flooding, infrastructure failure, life threatening heat waves to name but a few.  Without such planning – effectively on a war footing against these issues, the UK like many other countries will suffer from the inability to continue with normal economic progress.  CST's predication - within 25 years - the failure of many countries and states due to economic collapse caused by the inability to maintain the basic infrastructure across wider economic areas.  

This is likely to lead to a breakdown of civil society.  We can also expect that we will enter a police state within this timescale.  Of course CST may be wrong and it may take longer, we do not have reliable information to predict these events.  But why wait?  Even if CST is wrong, it is only the timeframe that changes, the world will not be able to counter the enormous effects of mother nature ripping apart our world. Why are we all in denial?

The world should be acting together now - but no, the world's 'leaders' and 'power' people spend their time telling lies and dropping bombs on one another, (directly hastening the coming changes of course). There are no words to describe this stupidity and culpability... It does seem that the world has a death wish.

If you are reading this, we say in all humility, take stock of your own position and that of your family and attempt to make some changes that will help you to protect them from this coming catastrophe.


Apocalypse - 'a very short story'...

It happened rather simply and unexpectedly.   We knew the seas had warmed and continued to warm unexplainably, but this surely was a simple blip.   Global weather hammered parts of the world, but mostly in third world areas.  The worst extremes not affecting major western populations excessively. 

No one knows how the fires started.  After baking in arid conditions for several months the Amazon set itself on fire.  These fires started across a broad swathe of south America, and grew into a firewall that moved north at 20 miles per hour.  The air and oxygen consumed created a low pressure system within the hot air rising and this created a new type of hurricane.  One based on a thousand miles of burning trees at temperatures exceeding a thousand degree centigrade.  This inferno, became a fire hurricane, where the fire front became a wall of extreme heat and explosive detonation for everything in its path.  Nothing had ever been seen like this in living memory or probably since the meteorite that annihilated the dinosaurs.

The CO2 created billowed up and away into the void.  Ash and fire debris were swept across the world to create poor air quality across the globe.  The world cooled for a few days as the smoke settled.  The CO2 lingered and created longer lasting warming to the earth.  But the real damage was yet to be understood.  The climate had changed.  No longer did the Amazon forests calm the weather within its ecosystem.  It was not there to provide a cooling and controlling influence on south America. 

The world turned as usual, yet the weather patterns did not.  The raw heat from the equatorial belt swept past the Amazonian areas unimpeded, free at last from this encumbrance it turned North America into desert heat.   No rain, just relentless hot air driven in a new direction across the globe.  North America baked into a dried cake.  The Coriolis affect turned this air into hurricanes in the north Atlantic, sweeping in the opposite direction to normal south Atlantic storms and gaining in strength over warmer north Atlantic seas than usual.  Europe was unprepared for 150 mile an hour winds and seas that swelled with high tides that swept away chunks of land that had endured for many centuries. 

Devastation came across both Europe and America on a scale unimagined.  It was not a case of local damage. It was that large areas of countries were swept away or as in America, reduced to ashes and searing heat that defied logic and human ability to survive.  Economies simply stopped.  It was not possible to contain the damage or replace lost infrastructure.  People were spending their time in survival mode; water, food, shelter.    Democracies withdrew into their national nuclear shelters.  The weather was unimpressed and continued to flourish within it’s new freedoms.  The world turned, but humans were hiding and unable to fathom a course for survival.  Communications failed, energy systems failed, food transportation failed, water systems failed.  People were left to devise there own escape – but to where and how? There was no escape for most.

In just six months ninety percent of humans within North America and Europe perished.  Strangely enough, the third world countries were mostly unaffected by this weather phenomenon and surprisingly, as they were less dependant on global commerce, their communities faired much better.   China fared less well.  Its large land mass also suffered from extreme heat and the rain that had accumulated across warming oceans.  But this was a much slower decline.  What hampered China most was lost trade to the western world.  Their economy collapsed and with it their social composure.  Other western economies followed, unable to bridge the gap between social unrest and failed economies.  Japan, Canada, Russia., most of the middle east.  Australia and New Zealand did better but lost most of their employment and returned to local land based economies and simpler social structures.

Africa was best placed to survive.  More rainfall helped crops and their simpler infrastructure survived the new weather better.  India also faired tolerably well, although extreme weather plagued certain areas and rice production fell.

Within 10 years a new world order led by India and Africa created a new global trade organisation.  Based on simplistic survival, this was a free trade area that allowed food and basic goods to be shipped unimpeded across this new global region.  Infrastructure improved, some peoples from the old world helped this new world power with improving technology.  Slowly the new world gained from these efficiencies.

The weather had not abated, the seas continued to rise and the world continued to turn.  It was clear to this new world order that a different approach to survival was necessary.  What was before unthinkable was now becoming possible – a world that worked as one with a common goal.  No fighting, or land grabbing, but a clear goal for survival.    Plans for a weather proof world were drawn up.  The surface was to be turned into energy production, wind and solar feeding hydrogen plants that created ammonia for shipping and storage.   The plans were rolled out as the weather gods continued to speak loudly.

Africa and India had immense land resources, these together created huge energy production that was used to create new underground living and farming facilities.  Robotic systems roamed and repaired the solar and wind systems.    Water was pumped from the sea.  desalinated and used to irrigate the new underground farms.  Their ultraviolet lights powered the food plants using the energy from above.  The food systems were now safe from weather extremes and mostly automated.   

The new world prospered. People understood the old ways had not endured to create a future for mankind.  This new world was different both in this cultural understanding but also in the real living conditions.  Many rarely saw the sky or sea.  People became accustomed to living below ground, but they were happy to contend that they were safe from the fury of The Old Worlds and also the weather that they had created by their arrogance and stupidity.

Have fun while you can...



One Graph that provides Zero Hope

- And it explains why 'Net Zero' is pointless

Sept 2023

"The reason that we are not being told the truth
- is that the truth is not worth telling" (CST)