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This may be the most important ‘discovery’ that man has ever made about our existence.  There may be a hidden but decipherable message within the genetic code within DNA, where all life forms evolved from.  The genetic code has a core systematic way of using the codons (CATG) used throughout all life to code for amino acids.


Within this system, there is both a redundancy and some anomalies.  But all life uses this same coding system (there could have been many such systems, each capable of doing the same job of creating a robust way to produce the 20 amino acids). 

And we think we have established the point where all genetic lines have derived from, (known as LUCA - Last Universal Common Ancestor). This strongly suggests that life as we know it arrived just once about 3.5BN years ago.  This means that this systematic DNA (or RNA?) process had less than one Billion years to create itself from earth’s basic chemistry.   While this is a very long time, has anyone done the math to find if it was statistically likely?

The paper from Makukov and shCherbak suggest strong evidence for the consideration that LUCA was not an earthly creation.  They look at the arrangement of the codons, and the numeracy of the nucleons within each codon (CATG), (ie the number of particles that make up the atomic nuclei of each codon).

While their paper is not easy to decipher, it seems that their basic findings are that the arrangement used ‘by nature’ looks like a hidden puzzle created by some intelligent hand just waiting to be read:

1) The codons can be grouped by their action and redundancy, if these groups are compared to each other there is a remarkable ‘coincidence’ as each group’s nucleon count adds up to the same number (1665).  

2) This number is itself based on the prime number 37, which has itself a remarkable set of symmetries (suggesting that it was ‘chosen’ as part of the puzzle to be unraveled)

3) There is one amino acid (Proline) that has a different arrangement to its base structure, (it has a double bond within it).  While this does not affect any chemistry of the amino acid (it is the attachments to the base that confer the chemistry of life and the resulting proteins), it means that it is singularly different and has a different nucleon number as it has one less hydrogen.  Now, if this nucleon number is changed by just one to the same as the others, many new ‘coincidental’ equalities within the structure arise. 

The argument here is that without this ‘manual intervention’, there appears to be no equalities within much of the structure.  Makukov et al have considered Proline as an ‘activation key’ that only some future intelligent life could have resolved by analysing the structure as a puzzle, (it makes no difference to the working system for creating life’s chemistry and has no effect on evolution, and as such would stay hidden).

4) To get the numbers to work out, the codon that provides the ‘stop’ message is also required to be considered as a zero.  The idea here is that (again) as it forms a very specific function, the stop codon is ideal to be artificially chosen to represent zero, and without this ‘intervention’ the numbers don’t make any sense, but it unravels the puzzle when applied. The idea of having a zero is also seen as fundamental to intelligent analysis as it is required to do the maths - 'of course you have to find the zero too'

So, it would seem that there are indeed some remarkable coincidences ‘hidden’ within the base system of all of life’s DNA.  Makukov say’s that this coincidence given a statistical significance is 10 to the power of 13 (or 1 in 10 Trillion).

CST has yet to find any critical research on this paper.  If you know of any please let it be known, CST can’t quite understand why such a powerful discovery is not within mainstream science debate – is everyone too scared to look too carefully?

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