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By free thinking people, with no political agenda or alliances

Just views based on commonsense values and a future based on fairness for all



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Super Fast Track!

'The Plan UK'

Skills & Education

Governance of the BBC

Welfare Reform

Drug Reform

An Ode to to the Bankers









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Philosophies- anything & everything!


MOOC's (massive open online courses)


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Key Themes

Mrs May plays roulette - Brexit end game

What's the next big thing?- the app of apps?

Disconnects- Emerging Tech's and their impact

Faking it - New skills based learning environment

BlockChain- The enabler for the Crowd

Loads of Oil - CST provides the H2 answer!

The H2 Plan - Sustainable, efficient, world-leading

Small is Beautiful Again!- Socio-political changes

Building New Homes - Naughty Banks start here

Toyota- Fuel cells from a truely visionary company

A New Type of Organisation- For Global Change

Blue-Print for a New Politics - Obvious really!

Our thoughts- The goverment would have them

To Ballot or to Spoil - Y generation you decide

Select Committees - CST Improvement

Creating The Future- a simple world vison

'The Plan UK' - a true vison for the future

Economics - step out of the dream

The Time for Change-it has to happen now!

Planning & Governance -making change happen

Marginal Costing - our future is dependent on it

Energy & Transport - win, win, win!

Education, Education - it really is commonsense!

Super Fast Track - making a real difference

BBC -how it can help change Britian

Export Sales - the lifeblood of a 'profitable' UK

Welfare Reform - eradication of dependency

Prison Reform - away from punishment to deterrence


Questions & Answers - Russell Brand Interview

The lighter side:



About CST

CST Reforms:
consilio et animis

by wisdom and courage














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